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Hello! I deaged and now I'm awesome and I speak french too. I am learning the ways of Midgard and figured Tumblr was the best way to do so.
Ask me things and I'll answer with a picture of me!

(as you may have noticed, the blog is going through hiatus. I’m not sure when I will be back, but I won’t give up this blog so stay tuned!!! Thank you for your support!)

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Hello everyone!
I simply wanted to up-date everyone about my situation! Me and Leah are taking a plane to Paris (with luggage this time, sigh) in a few hours to attend tomorrow’s “Comic Con" and "Japan Expo" and please all my french fans!!
I’ll be dressed as usual and running all over the place! I am sure there are many things to see!!! If you see me and Leah, make sure to say hi!

I am ready to be drowned in fangirls and japanese animation costumes.
I was looking for an appropriate gif for the situation but I didn’t so have gif of a cute little mouse doing push-ups!!!!!!

oh wait 

Thor says I should answer the grey faces no more and wants to remind you I am 13
what is it with you and this obsession with rears????????? is it a common midgardian worship

All the time, gray-faced being! So often that I decided to show you my top 4. Click to enlarge please!

They did warn me, brother! They did inform me of the staircase!


((OOC:sorry for not being very active lately. My exams are almost over! Thank you for all your messages and suport!))

I like them all! I just pick this on more often because I like the colour, really.

a little question from your favourite brother 

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Now that I think about it, it’s Steve by far.